I have over 10 years experience in professional writing. During that time I’ve worked as a copywriter, strategist, and creative director at several agencies. I started Neidt Writer in 2012 as a way to work with brands and agencies who wanted to partner together to craft thoughtful, authentic, and impactful stories. I haven’t stopped since.


In addition to Neidt Writer, I’m also a creative director and co-founder at Caper Method creative collective if you need a more full-scale solution.

Before going into professional writing, I taught writing and poetry at schools, universities, and businesses throughout the US and Germany. I still teach at the Loft  on occasion, and speak at various industry events.

Typical projects.

The only thing typical about the projects I work on is they’re typically very different. I’m as comfortable looking for an untapped opportunity to launch a compelling brand campaign as I am writing long-form, technical content. It’s the variety that keeps things interesting.

That said, I am drawn to working with craft clients. Craft clients can be of any size and in any industry. They simply invest themselves fully in what they make. They believe what they do is an art and, as such, should be artfully communicated.