LTD Brewing

Helping people experience the joy of beer.

The state of craft beer in Minnesota is strong. We will have close to 150 breweries in the state by the end of 2016. There were five a decade ago. As the number of breweries continues to rise, so, too, does the competition for drinkers.

LTD Brewing in Hopkins, Minnesota started working with me shortly after they opened in 2014. From the first meeting, LTD said they were selling more than beer. They were selling an experience. That’s something I can work with.

Together with Caper Method, we developed and implemented brand identity, created beer descriptions and art, and promoted events. Our work injects a look and tone that is scrappy, frenetic, and distinct.

And people are noticing. Despite one of the smallest brewing systems in the state, they are expanding rapidly on a competitive scene. They have tap accounts at some of the most respected beer bars in the state, and continue to exceed their growth projections—meeting their 5 year growth plan in their second year. But we’re not stopping there.